The RapidMathematix™ platform has the capability to compute vast amounts of data and send the prices to the retail stores in real time. The intuitive user interface allows retailers to set goals, parameters and constraints to facilitate automated pricing decision that can be made based on market, external and in store conditions.

The solution is also integrated with our business intelligence and assortment planning capabilities. Our team of experienced retail pricing consultants, retail pricing mathematicians and technology developers will ensure the strategy, mathematics and the application is customized to the unique needs of each customer.

Our Other Products

Our business intelligence solution is deployed using the proprietary DiscoverAnalytix platform. This platform helps retailers leverage insights from data sources such as Point Of Sale, Customer Loyalty, Shopper Insights and Market data to make better decisions based on analytics.

The CustoLogix team has capabilities in data management and application development . Our combination of experienced retail strategy consultants, developers and UI/ UX experts can help your organization develop and scale technology solutions based on the cloud or mobile platforms.