NEW YORK, NY (January 12, 2014) - A pricing strategy tool which features dynamic price optimization is being rolled out by CustoLogix at the 2014 National Retail Federation (NRF) Show. CustoLogix is a leader in providing a full range of analysis and pricing optimization services for the retail industry.

With CustoLogix's RapidAnalytix pricing tool, a traditional retailer can now make instant science and data-supported pricing decisions anywhere from the headquarters to the retail floor, with the touch of a button on a tablet or a smartphone.

Retailers can no longer simply price the products in their store in silos, they have to price with the ever-intensifying and transparent online competition, as well as market conditions that change by the minute, says CustoLogix founder Kiran Gange. Retail consultants are responding with solutions that compute vast amounts of data in real time to provide instant price recommendations for brick and mortar retailers.

A large specialty retailer has been working with CustoLogix for more than six months, testing the pricing and analytics tool, which has yielded great results and benefits. Mid-size retailers with annual sales of between $100 million and $5 billion are the primary market. With big data, global distribution of resources and cutting edge mathematics, the new generation pricing strategy tool will be available at a fraction of the cost of a traditional pricing consulting implementation.

CustoLogix founder Kiran Gange and members of the CustoLogix team are pleased to meet with you to share this and other insights into dynamic pricing.The CustoLogix both at NRF is number 618, located in the first floor of the NRF.

CustoLogix is known for its RapidAnalytix and DiscoverAnalytix solutions, both of which provide a full range of analysis and pricing optimization services, such as:

tick Omni channel pricing
tick Dynamic Price Optimization (Pricing on Auto Pilot)
tick Item/ Category role definition
tick Automatic performance measurement and testing
tick A/B testing of pricing strategies
tick Good, Better, Best Pricing Strategy
tick Private Label Growth Strategy
tick Promotion and Holiday Sale Optimization
tick Assortment Optimization
tick Product Feature Analysis
tick Demographic Analysis
tick Product Life Cycle Analysis
tick Markdown recommendations
tick Vendor Negotiation Dashboards
Bangalore, India - April 23, 2010 - CustoLogix, a math based retail analytics firm, today announced the launch of RetailPredix™, a unique and simple forecasting service that can be easily integrated with any existing POS/ data management system to generate accurate and automated forecasts.

RetailPredix™ uses the latest from the field of mathematics as applied to retail data to generate forecasts that take into consideration various factors. The factors considered can include, trend, seasonality, weekday seasonality, holiday effects, weather, price, promotion and competitive factors. CustoLogix's proprietary data handling methodology is able to decipher this information given the raw data that is normally stored by retailers.

While the sophisticated algorithms are able to crunch the vast amounts of data effortlessly, the state of the art mathematics ensures that the retailers are able to generate an accurate forecast that can be used to plan inventory and budgets:

RetailPredix™ has evolved from a number of real life mathematical models used in the retail industry today. The high level of sophistication allows the model to take into consideration the practical shortcomings of real life data. For example, the algorithm is able to differentiate between zero sales and a stock out, both of which may read as zero on a data set:

Although this engine can be configured to fit different scenarios in different industries, the experience of retail strategy consultants in forecasting for shelf stable retail products is evident in the mathematical models. Currently RetailPredix™ is being used to predict sales at US and Indian Retail stores from a wide variety of verticals such as fashion, grocery and electronics.

The product is available on a free trial basis for a period of 30 days. Further information about the product and pricing may be obtained by contacting Dipin from CustoLogix (

CustoLogix Solutions, a sophisticated analytical firm, today announced the launch of DiscoverAnalytix, unique software offering fast, simple and effective analytical solutions with lower prices and top quality to midsized retailers.

The CustoLogix DiscoverAnalytix software provides midsized retailer with comprehensive bundle of services to understand better the pulse of the business in terms of sales, profit and units accurately which enables the retailer to stay on top of his everyday strategic decisions and steer the organization towards higher profitability and market share.

Unlike alternatives requiring multiple software vendors, consultants, hardware purchases or long-term commitments with uncertain ROI, CustoLogix’s offering includes the services midsized retailers need for one simple “all-in” subscription price.

The CustoLogix DiscoverAnalytix includes:
tick Reports that read the pulse of the business in terms of sales, profit and units accurately
tick Track the performance of each brand, category and Key Value Items (KVI)
tick Accurate forecasts at the chain, brand, category or unit levels
tick Monitor store performance and plan ahead by predicting store traffic
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (November 13, 2012) – With a focus on pricing strategies through analytics for small and medium-size retailers, CustoLogix has launched a patented new product, RapidAnalytix, to provide mathematics-based strategic pricing recommendations. RapidAnalytix is available at a fraction of the cost paid by major retailers for similar pricing optimization services.
According to CustoLogix CEO Kiran Gange, RapidAnalytix retailers will learn the answers to these and other key questions:
  • What is the correct price for each product in each of my store locations?
  • How can I compete effectively with large retailers and online retailers?
  • How can I be prepared for the various seasons with the right assortment, pricing and promotions that my customers will like?
  • At what price should I introduce new products into my assortment?
  • How satisfied are my customers and what drives their satisfaction and loyalty to my business?
CustoLogix is rolling out RapidAnalytix through several of its consulting partners, which specialize in services to small and medium-sized retailers but don’t provide retail analytics solutions, because in the past they have been priced out of reach of all but the largest retailers. The consulting partners and their resellers have eagerly embraced RapidAnalytix.

Before founding CustoLogix, Gange worked for many large retailers or product manufacturers, including Fry’s Electronics of San Jose, Calif., and Masterfoods USA of Los Angeles. After receiving his MBA degree at Pepperdine University in Malibu, he spent more than two years as a lead business analyst at San Francisco’s DemandTec, which provides retail analytics solutions to mega-retailers and was purchased by IBM late in 2011. Gange has consulted with mega retailers including Target, Safeway, Circle K and Wal-Mart.

Before now, small and medium-sized retailers, including chains with less than 100 locations, have rarely had access to retail analytics solutions.

Many retailers don’t know they need it, said Gange.Retail is so margin based,a two percent increase or decrease in price impact profitability by 10 to 15 percent in either direction.

A retailer should always ask, ‘How do I position my pricing within the product category based on brands, size and features?’ He or she can’t do all of these calculations in real time, every time, especially when a competitor’s prices may be changing weekly. A slight price change makes a big difference, said Gange.

CustoLogix uses data obtained from a client’s POS system on a daily basis to optimize prices for a set of products,” said Gange. Its staff strategists set up the parameters for price optimization, with the overnight number crunching performed by CustoLogix data analysts in Bangalore, India. Gange developed his company in India over the past four years, until he opened a United States office earlier this year in South Florida.

Our company has a solid foundation anchored by several key individuals who have worked with me from the outset, said Gange. “Among the CustoLogix leaders are CMO Lohith Amrendra and COO Muniraju.K.S and especially my wife, Shaveta Gange, who has spent countless hours working to develop RapidAnalytix.

CustoLogix business analysts work closely with retail clients to help them actually optimize their pricing, because some of their retail analytics calculations are complicated. Retailers learn how to sell more products within an existing space, without taking more money from their customers. And the customers get more of what they want at prices they want to pay. “At the end of the day, nobody wants to go to a retailer who is not efficient,” said Gange.

Early interest in the new RapidAnalytix product is strong.The dynamics of retailing have changed, said Gange.Regardless of a retailer’s size, he or she now has to compete with,like it or not.

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