Our business intelligence solution is deployed using the proprietary DiscoverAnalytix platform. This platform helps retailers leverage insights from data sources such as Point Of Sale, Customer Loyalty, Shopper Insights and Market data to make better decisions based on analytics.

Plans & Pricing

The solution implementation involves setting up high-speed databases which hosts vast amounts of data and make it available in real time to develop analytical insight frameworks. A team of mathematicians and analysts work in the back end to help the retailer configure these frameworks. These analyses are then standardized to generate reports automatically every week customized to each recipient.


Limited Analysis

No Custom Analysis

$ 995 per month

12 Analysis

0 Custom Analysis

No Product Attribution

No Elasticity Generation

2 Weeks


20 default analysis

4 Custom Analysis

$ 1495 per month

20 Analysis

04 Custom Analysis

Product Attribution

Elasticity Generation

5 Weeks


30 default Analysis

20 Custom Analysis

$ 2495 per month

30 Analysis

06 Custom Analysis

Product Attribution

Elasticity Generation

10 Weeks