We help you develop Artificial Intelligence tools for retail operations.
We all realize the importance of using Artificial Intelligence, we help you devise a strategy to develop AI code for your custom requirements.
We develop reliable price elasticity and seasonality coefficients.
One of the most important factors in understanding customer behavior is price elasticity, we will deploy our algorithms to compute accurate coefficients.
We help understand and react to your competitors.
We help understand which competitor matters to you and by how much. A pre-determined reaction helps you realize more margins while improving competitive position.
Retail Modeling
Our team of mathematicians is highly experienced in the specialized art of modeling retail data.
Expert Advice
We leverage the experience of top consultants and industry experts to provide the blue print for your custom requirements.
Retail Strategy
Over a decade of experience providing mathematical coefficients and strategic advice to the largest retailers and consulting companies in North America.
Analytics Infrastructure
We utilize some of the latest techniques in big data management, analytics and artificial intelligence to analyze your data securely.



We deliver custom solutions for our retail and CPG clients through our team of strategists, mathematicians and engineers.

Some examples of our services include:
Algorithm Development
We develop custom mathematical algorithms based on your unique requirements and challenges.
Coefficient Generation
We compute mathematical coefficients to understand your sales data and devise strategies to utilize the coefficients.
Competition Modeling
We model competitive data to help you understand the impact of competition by product and location.
AI powered Analytics
We deploy powerful AI tools to empower your existing analytical dashboards to deliver powerful recommendations.
Custom Algorithm Development

We understand the unique needs of your business.

Standardized Best Practices

We also bring standardized tools of the industry.


Over a decade of working with top retailers around the world.

Retailing with Electronics presents a unique challenge given the short life cycle of products and extreme competitive pressure.

We have experience of working with over 5 large multi-billion dollar retail chains, helping them use mathematics to improve gross margins.

Operating on thin margins, retailers face the challenge of carrying the right assortment at the correct price across stores in varied geographic regions.

Our experience includes consulting for two of the top three retail chains in the United States and building mathematical models to understand sales data across 10,000+ categories.

Driven by changing trends, seasons and lagged supply chains. These categories demand a high level of planning and optimization.

Our models help understand short trends, seasonality and apply strategies based on inventory levels and the demographics of the visitors by store.

While convenience stores are relatively immune from the pressure of online competition, they pose the challenge micro managing the assortment and product availability.

We have expertise of working with some of the largest convenience store chains in Latin America and the United States. Our models help develop and monitor effective merchandizing strategies.


Why we are Unique?

CustoLogix is a dynamic team of professionals with a high degree of expertise and experience in retail analytics. Here is why we are unique:
Retail Mathematics
Our team of mathematical modeling experts have a high degree of specialization with retail sales data modeling.
Business Expertise
We have gotten our hands into the nuts and bolts of retail operations including opening our own retail store.
International Experience
We have experience of implementing mathematics based retail solutions in four continents over ten years.
Professional Deliverables
We have worked as preferred partners to Ivy league consulting companies and professionalism come standard.
Efficient Resource Allocation
While we have highly qualified experts, who develop blue prints and monitor projects, we use a global team to reduce overall costs.
Intellectual PropertyDevelopment
We develop custom intellectual property for your business needs and will be yours to use in the future.

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